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Marian Trattner, MSW, serves as the Bystander Intervention Specialist for The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). In this role, Mrs. Trattner manages their campus wide bystander intervention initiative called BeVocal. The mission of BeVocal is to enhance bystanders’ confidence and motivation to intervene in order to prevent and reduce harm. Mrs. Trattner has 10 years of experience in facilitating difficult dialogues and creating more caring communities in a higher education setting. Prior to this, Mrs. Trattner served for as the Coordinator for the Be That One Suicide Prevention Program (BT1), a program of the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) at UT Austin. The program utilizes a public health approach to implement suicide prevention strategies by peer outreach, education, and support. Mrs. Trattner is the founder of the National College Student Suicide Prevention Listserv.